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Archive for August, 2014

Greetings & Asking for Help/Directions in Urdu Posted by on Aug 22, 2014

English Greetings Urdu Greetings: Hi! Salam! Assalam-o-Alaikum  !سلام , سلام علیکم Good morning! Subha Ba-khair!   !صبح بخیر Welcome! (to greet someone) Khush Aamdeed   خوش آمدید How are you? Kya Hal Hai?   کیا حال ہے؟ I’m fine, thanks! Main Theek Hun, Shukriya!   !میں ٹھیک ہوں،شکر یہ And you? Aur Aap?   اور آپ؟ Good Accha   اچھا Thank you (very much)! Bahut Bahut Shukriya!   !بہت بہت شکریہ…

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Religious Extremism in Pakistan (part 3/3) Posted by on Aug 18, 2014

(Part 3/3 of the blog Religious Extremism in Pakistan) Unfortunately, Jinnah could not live longer to provide stability and strong foundation to the country and passed away just a year after the partition. The irony is that the clergy who opposed Jinnah and creation of Pakistan later hijacked the country in the name of Islam.…

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Religious Extremism in Pakistan (part 2/3) Posted by on Aug 17, 2014

(Part 2/3 of the blog Religious Extremism in Pakistan) When we try to dig in and find reasons behind rise of religious extremism in Pakistan the foremost reason we come across is the kind of distorted history that is taught right from the early days to the children in schools. The effect of this brain…

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Religious Extremism in Pakistan (part 1/3) Posted by on Aug 16, 2014

As the Independence Day, August 14th, came and went national flags could be seen hoisted on the government and private buildings, houses, markets, cars, trucks and motorcycles. Every Pakistani is aware what the national flag, adopted during a meeting of Constituent Assembly on August 14, 1947, symbolizes. The white and dark green fields represent minorities…

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Alamgir Posted by on Aug 15, 2014

Alamgir was born in 1954 in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He is ranked within the top 5 male singers of all time in Pakistan. As a child his only influence to music was Elvis Presley. The very first song that he ever sang was at the age of 10, and that was Elvis’s song “His…

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