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Archive for January, 2016

Attire and Fashion in Pakistan Posted by on Jan 30, 2016

Dresses of each country generally correspond to the local climate, aspirations, traditions, culture and religion. Then there is a blend of traditional dresses and modern wear to keep step with changing times. The general casual attire of Pakistan and India is somewhat different from all dresses worn around the world, especially in the region. Due…

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The Badshahi Mosque Posted by on Jan 29, 2016

The Badshahi Mosque (بادشاھی مسجد) or “Emperor’s Mosque” was built in 1673 by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Lahore, Pakistan. It is one of the city’s best known landmarks and a major tourist attraction epitomizing the beauty and grandeur of the Mughal era. Capable of accommodating over 55,000 worshippers, Badshahi is the second largest mosque in Pakistan, after…

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Urdu Speaking Communities Posted by on Jan 28, 2016

Among the Urdu Muslims, there is still much social pressure to “maintain honor” in all levels of their societies. Purdah (the seclusion, concealment, or unsociability of women) still exists, but to varying degrees. A woman is generally secluded from public view and is protected from “dangerous” contacts. This is done to protect either her husband’s…

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Urdu Speaking People Posted by on Jan 27, 2016

The term “Urdu” does not adequately describe the Urdu people as such, but is merely a language distinction. Urdu-speaking Muslims are not an ethnic group in the strictest sense, but are rather a collection of ethnic groups who have been widely dispersed geographically. They possess a sense of “group identity” based on cultural and historical…

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Useful Urdu Vocabulary Posted by on Jan 26, 2016

Adjectives in Urdu: good achha bad bura hot garam cold tandha young javan old boorha fast tez slow aahista clean saaf dirty ganda Days this week is hafte next week aglay hafte yesterday kal today aaj tomorrow kal this morning iss subah this afternoon iss dopehar tonight aaj raat in the morning subah may in…

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