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Difference between Urdu and Punjabi Posted by on Nov 26, 2016

Pakistan has four provinces (equivalent to states in many countries). These four provinces are Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Kyber Pakhtunkhuwa (formerly North Western Frontier Province or NWFP). Every province has it’s own language that represents the culture and people of that province. Punjabi is the language of the province of Punjab. Punjab meaning the land…

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Urdu Vocabulary Posted by on Nov 22, 2016

Vocabulary: Don’t = nahein To Come = aana Come= aata/aatee You = Tum I = Mein We= hum They = who An essay = ek mazmoon Essays =Mazameen She writes = woh likhtee hai He writes = woh likhta hai They writes = woh likhte hain We come = hum aate hain We don’t…

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Dr. Abdus Salam – Pakistan’s first Nobel Laureate Posted by on Nov 20, 2016

Abdus Salam (Urdu:  عبد السلام) was born on 29 January 1926 in the Sahiwal District of Pakistan. He was a theoretical physicist who, when he shared the 1979 award for his contribution to electroweak unification, became the first Pakistani and Muslim to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics. He was famous for his work in theoretical physics and for his discovery of the “God particle” (because…

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Jansher Khan – A Squash Legend Posted by on Nov 17, 2016

Jansher Khan, a Pakistani Squash legend was born on June 15, 1969 in Peshawar, Pakistan. He is considered to be among the sport’s most illustrious figures. For many years the name Khan had been synonymous with success in the game of squash. Unlike his older rival, Jahangir Khan (no relation), Jansher did not emerge from a…

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The Karakoram Mountains Posted by on Nov 14, 2016

The Karakoram (Urdu: قراقرم ) mountain range is spread over some 400 kilometers and is over 192 kilometers wide. It is a large mountain range spanning the borders between Pakistan, India and China, located in the regions of Gilgit–Baltistan (Pakistan), Ladakh (India), and Xinjiang region, (China). They are protected on all sides by other mountain ranges, (Himalayas on south-east, Hindu-Kush on south-west, Kun-Lun chain of China on…

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