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Cooco’s Den Restaurant Posted by on Oct 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

“Cooco’s Den”, often misspelled as “Cuckoo’s Den”, is an extremely popular restaurant/cafe in interior Lahore, Pakistan. The restaurant is owned by an artist, Mr. Iqbal Hussain and has a beautiful traditional building located near Badshahi Masjid (mosque) and Lahore Fort.

Entrance to the restaurant is not that lavish as it seems that you are about to enter someone’s house from the street but once you are inside, the place has an art museum vibe to it.

A narrow staircase will get you to the terrace where the seating has been arranged in a way so that the guests can enjoy the views of the surrounding area. At night, when lights of Badshahi Masjid are lit up, a fantastic atmosphere is created and this view can only by captured from The Cooco’s Den.

Usually, the restaurant is not open at day time and will require a prior reservation for a dinner. Check the weather forecast the day you have plans to visit it as the restaurant’s experience will never be complete without the roof top dining. Cooco’s Den is considered as one of the most expensive traditional menu restaurants of Lahore. Menu includes Bar.B.Q, Chicken, Mutton and Vegetable dishes. Mutton Chops, Tawa Chicken and Daal are considered favorite. With a full dining range, meal costs around 4000 Rs. ($40) per person.

The restaurant is like a mini museum of art and history full of artifacts and paintings. Most of the paintings, which are painted by Mr. Iqbal, are inspired by the life of people in that area. The restaurant is a must visit place for any tourist visiting Lahore as it not only boasts of a breathless view but also its traditional Pakistani dishes. The restaurant is frequently visited by TV and movie stars, politicians and dignitaries around the world.

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