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Eating in Urdu Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Uncategorized


cup piali
bottle botal
knife chaakoo
fork kaantaa
spoon chamach
salt namak
pepper kali mirch
sugar chini
vinegar sirka
sauce chatni
mustard sarson
Can we eat? Kiya ham khaa sakte hein?
Can we have breakfast? Kiya ham nashta kar sakte hein?
Is there a table free? Kiya koy khali meiz hey?
first course Pehla kane ka dar
dessert Meetha
Have you any vegetarian dishes? Kiya app ke pass koy subzi wala salan hai?
what did I order? Meh nai .. ka order dia hey
I’d like to have some Mein lena chahoon ga
That was delicious Ye buhat mazedar tha
It’s delicious! Ye buhat mazedar hey!
I’m full! Mera pait bhar gaya hey
That’s enough, thanks  bohat hai, shukria
Enjoy your meal! Apne khane ka maza lain!
This isn’t properly cooked Ye sahee se nahee paka hai
I don’t eat meat (woman speaking) Meh gosht nahee khati
I don’t eat meat (man speaking) Meh gosht nahee khata
Is there some left? Kiya Kuch bacha hai?
For me Mere liey
For him Iss ke liey
The bill, please Bill deejeeay, janab
What would you like to drink? App kiya peena pasand karen gay?
Cheers! Khush raho
The wine list, please Sharab ki list, janab
Same again, please Dobara vohi, janab
Is food available here? Kiya yaha khana milta hey?
What sandwiches do you have? App ke pass konse sandwich hain?
A black coffee, please Aik Kali Coffee, janab
Two black coffees, please Do kali coffees, janab
A tea Aik chaaye
A tea with milk Aik dood vali chaaye
A lemon tea Aik lemon vali chaay
With milk Dood ke saath
A lemonade, please Aik lemonade de dain, janab
A beer, please Aik beer, janab
Two beers Do beer
A red wine Aik red wine
A white wine Aik white wine
A gin and tonic, please Aik jin aur tonic, janab
With ice Barf ke saath
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