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Lassi – The Summer Drink of Pakistan Posted by on Jun 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

Salty Lassi by sstrieu from Flickr.com is licensed under 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)Lassi (Urdu: لسی) is a very popular summer drink in Pakistan. It is jokingly termed as “White Beer” for it’s cool refreshing taste. It is basically a yogurt smoothie that can be made in several different ways.

The most popular flavor is salted lassi followed by a sweet one. You can add any fruit or flavor to make your own recipe but one thing is certain that a lassi is one of the most satisfying summer drinks in the Indo-Pak sub continent.  It is primarily made of Yogurt with water, salt, sugar, pepper and spices. Different flavors of lassi are also made using different seasonal fruits. Lassi is enjoyed chilled with ice cubes during hot summers and it’s a real thirst quencher.  Lassi is an age-old Punjabi drink from the province of Punjab , which is generally consumed with lunch. But there’s more to lassi than being just another refreshing summer drink. Here are some of the important health benefits of lassi:

1) Digestion: If you cannot have milk, yoghurt is considered the next best option. Since lassi is prepared with yoghurt, this drink is beneficial for soothing the digestive tract. Lassi promotes digestive enzymes and aids in digestion.

2) Stomach problems: Lassi is a healthy and natural remedy used to ease the bloating of the stomach, preventing constipation and other stomach disorders.

3) Probiotics: Lassi is a probiotic that influences the growth of healthy bacteria and reduces the development of bad bacteria in the gut.

4) Muscle mass: This drink is rich in protein, which is essential for building muscles. So lassi is popular with athletes and bodybuilders.

5) Energy: Drink a glass of lassi when your energy levels are low and you will feel rejuvenated. It is jokingly termed as White Beer!

6) Bone health: Improve your bone health and dental health with lassi as well. Since lassi is rich in calcium, it is an excellent way to strengthen the bones.

7) Summer drink: Cool down with lassi and reduce summer-related problems like prickly heat and loss of fluids through excessive sweating.

Here is a recipe for making Mango lassi but you can most certainly add any fruit as per your own tase:


9 fluid ounces (255 milliliters) plain yogurt
4 1/2 fluid ounces (130 milliliters) milk
4 1/2 fluid ounces (130 milliliters) canned mango pulp or 7 ounces (200 grams) from 3 fresh mango, stoned and sliced
4 teaspoons sugar, to taste, or feel free to try salt and cardamom seeds

Directions: Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend for 30 seconds, then pour into individual glasses, and serve. Feel free to try salt and cardamom seeds. The lassi can be kept refrigerated for up to 24 hours

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