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Mountain Resorts and Skiing Slopes of Pakistan Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

Besides Murree, there are a number of other hill stations, resorts and skiing areas for those who dare to go some miles extra. These include Bhurbun, Patriata, Malam Jabba, Kalam, Swat, Naltar besides the resorts amid the mighty Northern Areas mountains. Starting from Abbotabad, one has many options – choose to go to Galyats and Murree or go towards Manshera, Balakot for onwards journey to Kaghan/Naran. For Swat,Malam Jabba and Kalam one has to go from Nowshera – Mardan and onwards through Dargai Pass. Naltar and Hunza are approachable from Gilgit. But most of the resorts abound in areas adjacent to Murree and Abottabad. If one can fly to Skardu, the picturesque Shangri-La tourist resort and Deosai plains are approachable.

For those interested in the skiing in winters, the nearest place around Rawalpindi/Islamabad is Malam Jabba. Some 40 kilometers from the Saidu Sharif (Swat) and approximately 300 kilometers from the federal capital, this picturesque fairyland sits atop the Hindukush Range with a panoramic view of the Karakoram and black mountains. The resort is rich in lush green meadows amid torrential streams. Although, in summers it has its own charm, but in winters, the resort is clad in thick cloak of snow, ideal for skiing. The skiing resorts just overlooks the motel of state owned tourism development corporation. It also has a 800 meters long chair lift facility taking the tourists to an awesome 9200 feet above sea level. In summers, the temperature ranges from 10oC to 25oC, but reaches as low as –5oC to -10oC. Those who can get up before sunrise can have a majestic view of it with sun rays falling on one contour after the other, one valley or hill top after the other – a mesmerizing life time experience.

Besides being a skiing resort, the area is home to the remains of ancient civilization. One can find 2000 years old archaeological remains situated at an altitude of 2600 feet that include two Buddhist stupas and a few monasteries. The main stupa is a circular plinth; with a diameter is 13 meters and height of about 5 feet. About a kilometer from Malam Jabba is an ancient mound, surrounded by mountain slopes characterized by slabs of schist. A water spring is the centre of attraction for those charmed by health effects of fresh spring water.

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