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Politics Related Urdu Vocabulary Posted by on Jun 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

This blog will address Urdu vocabulary related to Political terms. In the election season here in the USA, this blog will help you understand some of the key terms used in the political world in Urdu. Here are some typical travel and related words with their Urdu transliteration and use in sentences:

Image from www.headlinespk.com

Image from www.headlinespk.com

English Politician  سیاستدان
Urdu Siyasat Daan
Sentence The politicians always lie.
Urdu Translation Siyasat Daan hamaisha jhoot bolte hain.
English Sit In دھرنا
Urdu Dharna
Sentence The police was against the sit in.
Urdu Translation Police dharne ke khilaaf thee.
English Resignation  استعفی
Urdu Isteefa
Sentence The people demanded his resignation.
Urdu Translation Logon ne uss ke isteefe ka mutalaba kiya.
English Demand
Urdu Mutalaba
Sentence The Speaker demanded his resignation.
Urdu Translation Speaker ne uss ke isteefe ka mutalaba kiya.
English Mob ہجوم
Urdu Hajoom
Sentence The mob was peaceful.
Urdu Translation Hajoom pur amn tha.
English Proposal تجویز
Urdu Tajweez
Sentence He gave a nice proposal.
Urdu Translation Uss ne aik achi tajweez dee.
English Prime Minister وزیر اعظم
Urdu Wazir –e- Azam
Sentence The Prime Minister was in a meeting.
Urdu Translation Wazir-e-Azam aik meeting mein tha.
English President صدر
Urdu Sadar
Sentence The president is admired by the people.
Urdu Translation Log sadar ko acha samajhte hain
English Minister وزیر
Urdu Wazir
Sentence The minister spoke very well.
Urdu Translation Wazir buhat acha bola.
English Cheating
Urdu Dhaandli
Sentence He believed in cheating.
Urdu Translation Woh dhaandli main yageen rakhta tha
English Politics سیاست
Urdu Siyasat
Sentence Politics is not everyone’s game.
Urdu Translation Siyasat har aik ke bas ki baat nahin.
English Bribe رشوت
Urdu Rishwat
Sentence He got caught giving a bribe.
Urdu Translation Who Rishwat daite huwe pakra giya.
English Corruption
Urdu Budunwani
Sentence He was famous for his corruption.
Urdu Translation Who apni budunwani ke liye mushhoor tha.
English Famous مشہور
Urdu Mushhoor
Sentence He was famous for his corruption.
Urdu Translation Who apni budunwani ke liye mushhoor tha.
English Cabinet کابینہ
Urdu Kaabina
Sentence The cabinet approved the bill.
Translation Kaabina ne bill kee munzoori de dee
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