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Religious Urdu Vocabulary Posted by on May 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

This blog will address Urdu vocabulary related to religious Islamic terms. I think nowadays it being the holy month of Ramadan you can use these words and sentences to impress your friends from Pakistan and India on your knowledge of these terms. Here are some typical Ramadan and other religious related words with their Urdu transliteration and use in sentences:

Islam by qais alsade from Flickr.com is licensed under 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

English Fast
Urdu Roza روزہ
Sentence Kiya aap ka roza hai?
Translation Are you fasting?


English Ramadan
Urdu Ramzan رمضان
Sentence Kiya ye Ramzan ka maheena hai?
Translation Is this the month of Ramadan?


English Sehr
Urdu Sehr سحر
Sentence Aap ne sehri main kiya khaya?
Translation What did you eat at Sehr?


English Iftaar
Urdu Iftaari  افتاری
Sentence Kiya aap mere saath iftaari karain ge?
Translation Will you have Iftaar with me?


English Prayer
Urdu Namaz  نماز
Sentence Kiya aap ne namaz parh lee?
Translation Did you offer your prayers?


English Charity
Urdu Zakaat  زکات
Sentence Kiya aap ne Ramzan main zakaat de dee?
Translation Did you give charity in Ramadaan?


English Hajj
Urdu Hajj  حج
Sentence Kiya aap is saal hajj par jaa ain ge?
Translation Will you go for Hajj this year?


English Adhan (call for prayer)
Urdu Azaan  اذان
Sentence Maulvi ne azaan dee.
Translation The maulvi gave the adhan.


English Mosque
Urdu Masjid  مسجد
Sentence Ye masjid buhat baree hai.
Translation This mosque is very big.
English God
Urdu Allah or Khuda  اللہ
Sentence Allah ne sub ko aik jaisa banaya hai
Translation God created everyone equal.


English Umrah
Urdu Umrah
Sentence Kiya aap is saal umrah ke liye jaa ain ge?
Translation Will you go for Umrah this year?


English Pulpit
Urdu Minbur
Sentence Imam ne minbur se azan dee.
Translation Imam gave the adhan from the pulpit.


English Sermon
Urdu Khutba
Sentence Imam ne buhat achaa khutba diya.
Translation The Imam gave a very good sermon.
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