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Urdu Words – Meanings and Sentences Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

I wanted to take the opportunity to publish a popular blog that has had over 4000 views since June of 2014! This blog is focusing on useful Urdu vocabulary words, their translation/transliteration and using the same words in sentences.


English Difficult Job
Urdu مشکل کام
Transliteration Mushkil kaam
Sentence This is a difficult job.
Translation Yeh mushkil kaam hai.
English Very less time
Urdu بہت کم عرصہ
Transliteration Muhat kam arsa
Sentence We had much less time for the job.
Translation Hamare pass kaam ke liye buhat kam arsa tha.
English Still remain or still available
Urdu ابھی تک موجود
Transliteration Abhi tak mojood
Sentence He still has a scar from the fight.
Translation Us ke pass larai ka zakham abhi tak mojood hai.
English Recently
Urdu حال ہی میں
Transliteration Haal hi main
Sentence She had a baby recently.
Translation Haal hi main us ke haan bachaa hua he.
English Big man
Urdu بڑا آدمی
Transliteration Bara aadmi
Sentence He is a big man.
Translation Who bara aadmi hai.
English On fire or lit up
Urdu جلتا ہوا
Transliteration Jaltaa Hua
Sentence He saw a house on fire.
Translation Us ne jaltaa hua ghar dehka.
English To see
Urdu  نظر آنا
Transliteration Nazar aana
Sentence He stopped seeing things.
Translation Us ko nazar aana band ho gaya.
English Being Open
Urdu کھلا ہوا ہونا
Transliteration Khulaa hua hona
Sentence The door was open.
Translation Darwaaza khula hua tha.
English To get out
Urdu آوٹ ہو جا نا
Transliteration Out ho jaana
Sentence The player got out.
Translation Khilari out ho gaya.
English One day
Urdu ایک دن
Transliteration Aik din
Sentence One day I will visit him.
Translation Aik din main us ko milne jaoon ga.
English To be outside
Urdu باہر ہونا
Transliteration Bahir hona
Sentence I like to be outside.
Translation Mujhe bahir hona achaa lagta hai.
English Dismiss
Urdu منتقل
Transliteration Muntaqil
Sentence He got dismissed.
Translation Who muntaqil ho gaya.
English To do nothing
Urdu کچھ نہ کرنا
Transliteration Kuch na karna
Sentence He does nothing.
Translation Who huch nahin karta.
English To face
Urdu بھگتنا
Transliteration Bhugatna
Sentence He has to face the punishment.
Translation Use sazaa bhugatna ho gee.
English To separate
Urdu علیحدہ ہونا
Transliteration Alaiheda hona
Sentence The couple separated.
Translation Jora alaieda ho gaya.
English To pick up or lift
Urdu اُٹھانا
Transliteration Uthaana
Sentence He likes to lift weights.
Translation Ose wazan uthana acha lagta hai.
English To learn
Urdu سیکھنا
Transliteration Seekhna
Sentence He has to learn Urdu.
Translation Ose Urdu seekhna ho gee.
English To do something
Urdu کچھ کرنا
Transliteration Kuch karna
Sentence Something has to be done.
Translation Kuch karna buhat zaroori hai.
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About the Author:Nauman

I was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to the United States in 2004. I love writing about the Urdu language highlighting the peculiarities about the cultural, traditions, social events, places and personalities in Pakistan.


  1. Leroy:

    Thank you for the hard work in sending these helpful Urdu sentences.

    I would like learn Urdu and be as fluent as possible by being taught in the simplest way available.
    Kind regards