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Using Urdu words in Sentences Posted by on Dec 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

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image from www.topitideas.com

English Complete payment
Urdu مکمل ادائیگی
Transliteration Mukamal Adaaigee
Sentence Complete payment is mandatory upon purchase
Translation Khareedari per mukamal adaaigee zaroori hai
English To keep separate
Urdu علیحدہ رکھنا
Transliteration Alaihda rakhna
Sentence Chemicals must be kept separate
Translation Chemicals ko alaihda rakhna zaroori hai
English To stay
Urdu رہنا
Transliteration Rehna
Sentence Where would you like to stay?
Translation Aap kahan rehna pasand karain ge?
English To destroy
Urdu  تباہ کرنا
Transliteration Tabah karna
Sentence He attacked the city to destroy everything.
Translation Os ne sub kuch tabah karne ke liye chehar par hamla kiya
English To remember
Urdu یاد کرنا
Transliteration Yaad karna
Sentence Did you remember me?
Translation Kiya aap ne mujhe yaad kiya?
English To get arrested
Urdu گرفتار ہو جانا
Transliteration Giraftar ho jaan
Sentence He got arrested last night.
Translation Who kal raat ko giraftar ho gaya.
English To write
Urdu  لکھنا
Transliteration Likhna
Sentence Would you like to write a letter?
Translation Kiya aap khat likhna pasand karain ge?
English To express happiness
Urdu خوشی کا اظہارکرنا
Transliteration Khushee ka izhaar karna
Sentence He wanted to express happiness over his success.
Translation Who jeet kai baad khushee ka izhar karna chahta tha
English To believe
Urdu یقین کرنا
Transliteration Yaqeen karna
Sentence He must be trusted.
Translation Os par yaqeen karna zaroori hai
English To save
Urdu بچانا
Transliteration Bachana
Sentence We must save the dog.
Translation Hamain Kute ko bachana chaahiye.
English To take care of
Urdu خیال کرنا
Transliteration Khiyaal karna
Sentence Take care of him.
Translation Os ka khiyaal karna.
English Weather
Urdu موسم
Transliteration Mosam
Sentence The weather is nice today.
Translation Aaj mosam achaa hai
English Beginning
Urdu آغاز
Transliteration Aghaaz
Sentence Our journey began last week
Translation Hamaare safar ka aghaaz phichle hafte hua
English To attack
Urdu حملہ کرنا
Transliteration Hamla karna
Sentence They attacked the fort
Translation Unhon ne qile par hamla kar diya
English To get ready
Urdu تیار کرنا
Transliteration Taiyaar karna
Sentence They began to get the boat ready
Translation Unhon ne kishtee ko taiyaar karna shuroo kiya
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