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Today, I have the vocabulary of birds for our Hindi learners. In  Hindi,  bird(s) are called पक्षी (Pakshi). Some of the birds which are not from India are usually spelled in the same way they are spelled in English. The romanized spellings are given in the bracket after the Hindi word.


In the end, there is some vocabulary which is common to many birds.

English Hindi
1. Eagle गस्र्ड (Garud)
2. Duck बतख (Batakh)
3. Owl उल्लू (Ulu)
4. Falcon बाज़ (Baajh)
5. Pheasant तीतर (Titar)
6. Swan हंस (Hans)
7. Vulture  गिद्ध (Gidh)
8. Rooster  मुर्गा (Murga)
9. Canary  कनारी (Kanaari)
10. Crow  कौआ (Kauwa)
11. Cuckoo  कोयल (Koyal)
12. Nightingale  बुलबुल (Bulbul)
13. Parrot  तोता (Tota)
14. Peacock  मोर (Mor)
15. Egret  इग्रेट (Egret)
16. Sparrow  गौरैया (Gorayia)
17. Woodpecker  कठ फोडवा (Kath Phodwa)
18. Ostrich  शुतुर मुर्ग (Shutur Murg)
19. Myna  मैना (Myna)
20. Kingfisher  किंगफ़िशर (Kingfisher)
21. Cormorant  जलकाग (Jalkaag)
22. Pelican  हवासील (Havaasil)
23. Stork  सारस (Saaras)
24. Heron  बगला (Bagla)
25. Albatross अल्बाट्रोस (Albatross)
26. Chick चूजा (Chuza)
27. Dove कबूतर (Kabutar)
28. Flamingo राजहंस (Rajhans)
29. Fowl पक्षी (Pakshi)
30. Goose हंस (Hans)
31. Hawk बाज़ (Baaz)
32. Hen मुर्गी (Murgi)
33. Kiwi कीवी (Kiwi)
34. Loon जल पक्षी (Jal Pakshi)
35. Mocking bird नकलची चिड़िया (Nakalachi Chidiya)
36. Macaw बहुरंगी तोता (bahurangi Tauta)
37. Parakeet तोता (Tauta)
38. Peafowl मोर (Maur)
39. Pelican हवासील (Havaasil)
40. Penguin पेंगुइन (Penguin)
41. Pigeon कबूतर (Kabutar)
42. Quail बटेर (bataer)
43. Starling मैना (Maena)
45. Stork सारस (Saaras)
46. Swan हंस (Hans)


Related Common Vocabulary:

English  Hindi
1. tail पूंछ
2. wing, feather पंख
3. beak चोंच
4. egg अंडा

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