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Non-profit Partnership Adds Four Native Alaskan Languages to Transparent Language Online Posted by on Jul 9, 2019

Sometimes, when you look at the world, it can be easy to despair at the passage of time and the things we lose along the way. Luckily, there are those who make an effort to change the course of what seems to be an inevitability. With dedication, resourcefulness, and teamwork comes success. And so it…

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Why focus on vocabulary? Posted by on May 20, 2019

high level vocabulary learning

“Why do you focus so much on vocabulary in your language platforms?” We get that question a lot, and it’s a more interesting question than you might think. We focus on language proficiency, which is largely made up of two things: vocabulary (declarative knowledge) and skills like pronunciation, grammar, structure, automaticity (procedural knowledge).[1] The CL-150…

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New in LessonGin: Lesson Unlocking, Excel Import, and More Posted by on Apr 30, 2019

cl-150 lessongin lesson authoring

Instructors using the CL-150 Platform and Transparent Language Online can create custom lessons using LessonGin, our lesson authoring technology for quickly building compelling, multi-activity language lessons that work on almost all common smartphones, tablets and laptops. We recently added a new batch of features and updates to LessonGin that give instructors more flexibility and control…

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Manage Your Learned Vocab in the CL-150 and Transparent Language Online Posted by on Apr 18, 2019

manage learned vocab cl-150

You can now add new words and phrases—or edit existing words and phrases—in the Learned Vocab Management dashboard in the CL-150 Platform and Transparent Language Online. Our platforms provide end-to-end support for language programs: instructors can create lessons, students and individuals can learn and review material, and administrators can track and report on that learning—all…

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How 150 freelance linguists help us train tens of thousands of language professionals Posted by on Feb 26, 2019

cl-150 cohorts remote lesson authoring

We talk a lot about how technology is transforming the way we teach and learn language. But we don’t talk enough about the transformation in how we create language learning content—and the team that helps us do it. The content challenge is different for professionals In contrast to many language learning companies, we primarily support…

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Transparent Language Online Wins Fourth Consecutive Platinum Award Posted by on Jan 15, 2019

We’re feeling very fourtunate to receive our fourth consecutive Platinum Award in LibraryWork’s 2019 Modern Library Awards! Providing language learning opportunities to library patrons must really be our fourte. (Okay, that’s all of our number puns… four now.) The Modern Library Awards are special awards because they are voted on by the librarians with whom we…

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2018 Transparent Language Year in Review Posted by on Dec 31, 2018

transparent language 2018 year in review

Practice what you preach, right? For professional linguists and casual language learners, we preach reviewing early and reviewing often, so we’re taking our advice and looking back on our year. What have we been working on? CL-150 Updates CL-150 Cohorts: To help professional linguists sustain and strengthen their language skills, we’ve expanded the CL-150 Cohorts…

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