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Transparent Language Online Year in Review 2020 Posted by on Dec 30, 2020 in For Businesses, For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Feature Updates, Learning Material Updates

COVID-19 News Lesson

What a year. Despite all of the challenges of 2020, you logged more hours than ever in Transparent Language Online. Thank you for learning with us! Whether you’re learning to have fun at home, to land a new job, or to connect with family from afar, let’s keep that momentum going. You won’t want to…

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It’s Time to Invest in Employee Language Training Posted by on Jan 15, 2018 in For Businesses

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin We recently made the case for more and better foreign language education in schools. Thousands of educators and students took interest, sharing the post and championing the cause. But employers should be paying attention, too. As businesses in nearly every industry—from energy to…

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Why Corporate Language Training Should “Go Remote” Posted by on Nov 15, 2017 in For Businesses

Companies large and small are increasingly open to the benefits of “going remote”, or hiring individuals around the world who connect via video conferencing, email, and cloud sharing services. Offering remote opportunities can help find and retain the top talent—so why not leverage it to train top talent as well? Why do companies go remote?…

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6 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Multilingual Professionals Posted by on May 8, 2017 in For Businesses

In almost any field—politics, medicine, public services, marketing, retail—there is an increasingly great need to speak to clients, customers, and partners in other languages. For most busy professionals, life doesn’t pause so they can learn a new language full-time. We develop language learning programs that remove time and place restrictions so soldiers, nurses, business managers…

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Make the Most of Every Feature in Transparent Language Online—Now On Mobile! Posted by on Apr 24, 2017 in For Businesses, For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Feature Updates

Learn on the go on any device! Transparent Language Online is now mobile responsive in all browsers on tablets and phones. For quite a while now we’ve given you multiple options to learn when, where, and how you want with Transparent Language Online: the web version, featuring our full suite of learning activities and content…

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Transparent Language 2016 Year-in-Review Posted by on Dec 21, 2016 in Company News, For Businesses, For Educators, For Learners, For Libraries

Goodbye 2016! It seems like most people are ready to say good riddance to 2016, but we’ve actually had a memorable year here at Transparent Language! Our engineers have been cranking out new features, our linguists continue to fill our products with new languages and courses, and our sales folks have partnered with more organizations…

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Learn More Than 100 Languages in Transparent Language Online Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in For Businesses, For Learners, For Libraries, Learning Material Updates

100 languages

You can never know enough languages. That’s why we add a few new languages to Transparent Language Online each year. Over time, our language scientists have experimented with several dozen languages that we never released to our individual consumers (though you may have seen these languages before if you were ever registered through a subscribing…

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