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Intermediate Russian for Professionals Course Posted by on Mar 15, 2023 in For Businesses, For Learners, Learning Material Updates

Push past the plateau. Make deeper personal and professional connections in Russian with the Intermediate Russian for Professionals Course.

Progress from CEFR A2 to B1 with 90+ hours of vocab, grammar, conversations, and culture.

And if you’re starting from scratch—combine it with the Beginner Russian for Professionals for the most comprehensive 200-hour acquisition course available online for self-teaching.

Become functional faster

For beginners, nothing builds proficiency faster than learning the most useful, high-frequency vocabulary. That’s still true for intermediate learners. But what’s “most useful” becomes more complex: more vocab depth, idioms, domain-specific terminology, etc.

Learning vocab in topical lists (like “office supplies” or “directions”) actually hurts your ability to retain what you’re learning due to semantic interference. It’s also just not very fun.

B2 Russian Course Conversation Lesson

Prepare to interact in common scenarios with Conversation Lessons.

Instead, when we develop lessons, we think of a common scenario a Russian learner might find themselves in. With Russian-speaking work colleagues. Among Russian-speaking friends. Then we tell a story about it. What are you likely to be doing? Who are the people you’ll interact with? What conversations would you have?

Build vocab breadth and depth with Vocabulary Lessons.

This approach lends itself to more natural speech you might not find in a textbook approach, as well as other retention tactics like spiraling (resurfacing previously learned material) and interleaving (reinforcing material in multiple modalities and contexts).

It also allows grammar patterns to pop up naturally, so you can learn them in context before being introduced more explicitly.

A lesson about technology can weave in office terms, occupations, comparison words, etc. in a more effective and memorable way. You’ll learn faster. And retain it longer.

Polish your Russian with Grammar Lessons.

What you’ll learn

This 90-hour course has 14 units, covering topics adults encounter in everyday and workplace scenarios, including:

  • Banking
  • Employment
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Social issues
  • Politics
  • and more!

Each unit includes 3 types of lessons, for a total of:

  • 30 conversation lessons: 60-minute exercises based on the unit theme. For example, in a unit about technology, the conversation is about using chat and video messaging apps keeping in touch with friends and family overseas.
  • 93 vocabulary lessons: 30-minute exercises that build vocabulary needed to understand the theme and the conversations. The conversation about keeping in touch is supported by two vocab lessons about communicating on the phone and online.
  • 75 grammar lessons: 10-minute exercises that expand on grammar patterns seen elsewhere in the unit. The companion grammar lesson focuses on how to discuss past obligations (I had to…), with examples relevant to the unit (ex: I had to call my mom.)

Ready to reach B1 in Russian? Learn more about the course here, including where to try it free and how to add on tutoring for faster progress.

Keep learning a language with us!

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