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New in Lesson Authoring: Lesson Unlocking, Excel Import, and More Posted by on May 2, 2019 in For Instructors, New in Lesson Authoring

We recently added another batch of features and updates to CL-150 Lesson Authoring, the lesson creation technology for quickly building compelling, multi-activity language lessons that work on almost all common smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Lesson Unlocking

We listened to your feedback about lesson unlocking—we know how painful it was to lose progress when editing the lesson text, even just to fix a typo. But no more! Authors can now make changes to the lesson text on the Text Details screen without losing any progress. Once you make your changes and click Save and Continue, a message will warn you which activities need to be updated to maintain consistency. You’ll also see reminders on the Activity Selection screen, where certain activities will have a “Needs Review” label.

cl-150 lesson unlocking

Excel and B4X Import

Vocab items can now be imported from an Excel (.xlsx) file. Want to re-use vocab items from an existing list in the CL-150? Download the B4X and import it on the Vocab Editing screen.

b4x import

Vocab Editing – Autogenerate Transliteration

You can now autogenerate transliteration for vocab items using the “Transliterate All” button. Transliterations are powered by Google Translate’s Transliteration service and can be edited after generation if any adjustments are needed.

cl-150 lesson authoring transliteration

Table Activity Configuration

Colors and font style formatting can now be imported from an Excel (.xlsx) file. Authors can create tables in Excel with font colors and other formatting, which will be retained when imported into LessonGin in the Table activity.

Slide Show Activity Configuration

The Slide Show activity now supports line breaks, making it easier to format longer slides.

cl-150 lesson authoring slide show

Lesson PDF Access

The lesson workbook is now accessible inside the lesson menu, under “Print/Save”.

cl-150 lesson pdf

As with all new content and features, we welcome feedback on LessonGin. Please reach out to us at