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CL-150 Cohort Lesson of the Month – May 2020 Posted by on May 28, 2020 in Cohort Lesson of the Month, For Learners, For Program Managers, New in CL-150 Cohorts

This month’s featured Cohort lesson is one of the first to include the new “Image Explorer” 360-degree image activity!

The featured lesson comes from the Spanish ILR 2 lesson stream: ILR 2, 05/11/20: Buying a Car Online Becomes a Reality in Colombia (Technology/El Tiempo).

As you can probably guess from the lesson title, the source article describes how to buy a car online, which is a fairly new experience in Colombia in response to COVID-19. The lesson author, Christine, took advantage of the new 360-degree image activities to replicate the car buying experience for learners, while also presenting relevant vocabulary in a fresh, engaging way:

“I was inspired to use the Image Explorer activity because the article is about the increased use of technology due to the Covid-19 situation. This article describes how a shopper can take a virtual tour inside and outside of a car. I thought this is a perfect lesson to use the Image Explorer tool, so our students can experience the same virtual tour as the Colombian shoppers.”

CL-150 3D Image Activity

Learners can explore the inside of a car, clicking through the beacons to learn the corresponding terms in Spanish. For example, clicking on the steering wheel pops up the Spanish text and audio for “el volante”. The activity can be used on a computer by simply clicking and dragging around the environment, or by looking around in a VR headset.

This is just one creative application of the image-based activities—our authors look forward to incorporating them more frequently in upcoming Cohort lessons to explore culture, geography, and more. (And don’t forget—these activities are available to you in the Lesson Authoring tool, so you can create your own custom lessons with interactive images.)

Spanish sustainers, complete this month’s featured lesson to learn more about online car shopping in Colombia and take a virtual tour of common cart parts.

Sustaining a different language? Explore our available Cohorts and stay tuned for next month’s featured lesson for more behind-the-scenes action from our Cohort Team.