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CL-150 Cohort Lesson of the Month – June 2020 Posted by on Jun 30, 2020 in Cohort Lesson of the Month, For Learners, For Program Managers

Got grammar? CL-150 Cohort lessons now include more grammar practice than ever.

This month’s featured Cohort lesson, from the Russian ILR 3 lesson stream, is both a reading and listening lesson, based on an article about the state of Russian politics and an accompanying radio clip from the same journalist: ILR 3, 06/29/20: “United Russia” Will Not Be Reformed (Politics/kommersant)

It’s also one of the first to include the new grammar activity “Transform and Say It”.

CL-150 Cohort lessons have always covered grammar, implicitly and explicitly. Learners can practice word order in Unscramble, fill in conjugation tables in Table, and read grammatical annotations on lesson vocabulary, among other exercises.

CL-150 grammar Transform It

Now Cohort learners can also drill grammar patterns with the “Transform It” activities, which are designed to teach any given pattern through repetition. In this particular lesson, Russian learners are challenged to transform verbs from the imperfective to the perfective aspect—a critical concept for advanced learners. Lina, the lesson author, explains:

“Due to complexity of Russian conjugations, it is essential for advanced learners to be able to quickly differentiate between imperfective verbs in the present tense and perfective verbs that denote the future. It contributes to understanding minute details in the reading/listening material.” 

Cohort lessons provide the unique opportunity to improve grammar (like verb aspect) in the context of learning about the latest, highly relevant news from the region:

 “This particular article and radio program are very timely due to the upcoming all-Russian referendum which will determine whether current President Vladimir Putin will be able to run for presidency in 2024.”

This motivates sustainers to maintain and even enhance fundamental grammar knowledge, build a wider breadth and depth of vocabulary, and keep up with the latest regional and cultural news—all in one weekly lesson!

Russian sustainers, complete this month’s featured lesson to learn more about the Russian referendum and practice the perfective and imperfective aspects.

Sustaining a different language? Explore our available Cohorts and stay tuned for next month’s featured lesson for more behind-the-scenes action from our Cohort Team.