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Introducing CL-150 Cohort Weekly Lessons in French ILR 2 Posted by on Dec 7, 2021 in For Learners, New in CL-150 Cohorts

French learners, say bonjour to the new ILR 2 French CL-150 Cohort weekly lesson stream!

Starting December 6th, a new ILR 2 French lesson will be published every week, based on authentic sources from the French-speaking world.

CL-150 Cohort French

What’s new other than the language?

The French Cohort lessons have all the things you love most about Cohorts: authentic sources, professionally relevant topics, level-appropriate comprehension questions, key vocabulary, etc.

Based on feedback from the sustainment community, we’ve also upgraded the original lesson design, including:

  • Reading and listening lessons

To provide equal focus on the two modalities you need most, half of the French lessons will be listening lessons focused on authentic audio sources and half will be reading lessons focused on authentic texts.

  • Flexible learning activities

Survey feedback said you want to switch things up a bit each week, and we do too. Learning activities within each lesson will now vary from week to week according to the lesson’s focus (reading vs. listening) and topic.

CL-150 reading and listening cohorts

  • Optimal lesson length

Your study time is limited and precious. Based on survey feedback, the lessons have been shortened from 16 to 12 activities to make the most of that time. Focus on the specific knowledge and skills you need most without having to sit through or skip activities you don’t.

Enroll in the ILR 2 French Cohort here to start sustaining proficiency with a new lesson every single week.