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Refresher Courses – Spring/Summer 2023 Schedule Posted by on Jan 17, 2023 in For Learners, For Program Managers, News and Events

Taking a DLPT this year? Have linguists who need to meet certain proficiency requirements?

Refresh your listening and reading skills up to ILR 2, 2+, or 3 with our upcoming Refresher Courses. Choose from 80 or 160 hours of full-time, small group instruction with a live virtual tutor in Chinese, Russian, or Spanish. Reserve your spot(s) now.

DLPT test prep course


Refresher courses are fully remote, so you or your linguists can participate from anywhere.

Groups of up to 4 students are led by a native speaking instructor who is familiar with the needs of US Government linguists (DLPT prep, FSI testing, etc.)

In a typical session you will work on:

  • Analyzing complex texts at your target ILR level (summarizing, inferring information and unknown vocabulary, identifying opinion, etc.)
  • Building comfort with listening-specific difficulty drivers (fast speech, reduced forms, background noise, accents, etc.)
  • Familiarizing yourself with events and topics relevant to US Government domains you’ll encounter at work and on your test (politics, security, economy, etc.)

Course Materials

Our methodology maximizes class time through a flipped, blended approach in which you pre-load key vocab and concepts through online materials. Class time focuses on practical application of what you’ve learned with your instructor and peers. All materials are available in the CL-150 Platform at no extra cost.

Course materials will cover:

  • Authentic texts and audio clips covering relevant themes including culture, politics, economy, technology, cyber, and military
  • Domain specific vocabulary and grammar structures commonly encountered at the desired ILR level
  • Reading and listening comprehension questions based on authentic materials at desired ILR level, similar to what you’ll encounter on the DLPT

Registration is now open for spring/summer 2023 in Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. Learn more, view the schedule, and request a quote here.