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Danish Homonyms Posted by on Nov 30, 2017

Good Knight! What would ordspil (puns) be without homonyms – words that sound the same, yet have quite different meanings? Og så var der den om… harpespilleren der var streng. (And then there was the story about… the harpist who was strict/a string!) Here’s a list of some danske homonymer. You never know when you’ll…

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Danish Candy Posted by on Nov 21, 2017

Er du en slikmund? (Do you have a sweet tooth?) In Denmark, the nearest slikbutik (candy shop) is never far away. In supermarkedet, købmanden, kiosken, biografen (the supermarket, the grocer’s shop, the kiosk, the cinema) – everywhere folk (people) happily buy slik (candy, sweets) to bring along or enjoy at the movies. Whether you’re fighting…

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