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Happy Summer in Denmark Posted by on Jun 30, 2018

Jubi, der er sommer! (Hooray, it’s summer!) For most danskere (Danes), that means ferie (vacation). Fortunately, in a hyggelig country like Danmark, there’s always a lot to do – especially when solen skinner (the sun is shining)! 🙂 Kan du li’ at bade? (Do you like bathing?) Find badetøjet frem (find your bathing clothes) and…

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Animal Talk Posted by on Jun 24, 2018

Hunden er menneskets bedste ven (the dog is man’s best friend), the saying goes. Some would disagree and pick katten (the cat), or maybe even skildpadden (the turtle), guldfisken (the gold fish) or kanariefuglen (the canary), if you’re that kind of person! Either way, dyr (animals) are fascinating – and you need words to discuss…

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