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Afghan National Army ranks, titles and divisions. Posted by on Nov 24, 2011

Ranks                English                                Transliteration                                            Dari  1  Private  Askar  عسکر  2  Private first class  Sar Baaz  سرباز  3  Lance Corporal  Breedmal  برید مل  4  Corporal  Breedmal  برید مل  5  Sergeant  Breedmal  برید مل  6  Staff Sergeant  Breedmal  برید مل  7  First Sergeant  Breedmal e Blook         برید مل بلوک  8  Sergeant Major  Breedmal e KanDak        برید…

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Dining with Afghans Posted by on Nov 11, 2011

  Dining with Afghans When you go to Afghanistan it would be very unlikely not to receive several invitations from Afghans for lunch, dinner or at least tea. Afghans are very hospitable and are always welcoming to guests. As one of their famous proverbs goes, “A guest is a friend of God” (Mehmaan Doost E…

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Dari song with lyrics Posted by on Nov 10, 2011

Let’s try a second song  to learn Dari.   Here is a Dari song with lyrics.   Songs with lyrics is an additional motivational tool to learning a new language.   Songs with lyrics can help you with your reading and writing skills.   If you are losing interest in learning Dari, this song can help your motivation to continue.  Have fun listening!…

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