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Linguistics: where is the off button? / Lingvistiko: kie estas la malŝaltilo? Posted by on Mar 12, 2010

The purpose of my double language posts is to write in Esperanto, rather than about Esperanto. I believe we all agree that it’s not hard to find an Esperanto freak ready to sing the Green Star Flag anthem (OK, I just made this up), if there is one. I am no Esperanto freak and, if…

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Introducing “Senpage” / Prezentado de “Senpage” Posted by on Mar 10, 2010

Introducing “Senpage” / Prezentado de “Senpage” Hello everyone. My blogger name is “Senpage”, which in Esperanto means “for free”, and that’s always good news. I am Italian, but I have been living in UK for the last three years or so. Thanks to Jeremy who gave me this opportunity, I am starting today a new…

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