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Jacques Brel vs. Colonel Gaddafi: Zangra Meets Zenga Zenga Posted by on Mar 31, 2011

IF someone told you that Colonel Gaddafi‘s life-long vocation as a deeply confused dictateur (dictator) traced back its origin to the military career of a World War II fascist foot soldier, whose mission was to resume the century-old Italian occupation of la Lybie, you probably would wonder how that could be the case. But what if, in…

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Les filles et les chiens (girls and dogs) Posted by on Mar 30, 2011

Perhaps Jacques Brel, who’s not particularly noted for having listed in any form of bataille des sexes (battle of the sexes) throughout his songs, would not have readily concurred with the famously unconventional French actor and playwright Sacha Guitry who once declared: “les femmes, c’est charmant, mais les chiens, c’est tellement plus fidèle” (“Women are pretty…

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Jacques Brel: Quand on a que l’amour (When We Only Have Love) Posted by on Mar 29, 2011

The special week consacrée à (devoted to) Jacques Brel on the French Blog continues! * * * Une peinture (a painting) of the great Belgian singer * * * A worthy interpretation of the famous Jacques Brel chanson (song) by la magnifique Patricia Kaas * * * Jacques Brel: “Quand on a que l’amour“ *…

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“Madeleine”, by Jacques Brel Posted by on Mar 28, 2011

Madeleine: As in “Pleurer comme une Madeleine” (Literally “to cry like a Madeleine”, meaning “to cry one’s eyes out”) * * * Jacques Brel sings “Madeleine” * * * Ce soir j’attends Madeleine Tonight I wait for Madeleine J’ai apporté du lilas I brought lilac J’en apporte toutes les semaines I bring some every week Madeleine…

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Opéra: Printemps qui commence (Spring Blossoms) Posted by on Mar 25, 2011

Retour à l’opéra français (Back to French Opera)! For many, Maria Callas has de loin (by far) delivered the best Delilah performance à ce jour (to this day) * * * Many a great opera singer has chanted the célèbre (famous) French aria that you are about to listen to today: Think of la Roumaine (Romanian) Elena…

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Conjugaison: Le Verbe Voyager Posted by on Mar 24, 2011

The nominal form of the verb voyager is voyage—as in the famous chanson “Voyage, voyage“! (By “Desireless”) * * * * Conjugaison du verbe: Voyager   I N D I C A T I F Présent je tu il nous vous ils voyage voyages voyage voyageons voyagez voyagent Imparfait je tu il nous vous ils voyageais voyageais…

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How about a delicious crème pâtissière? Posted by on Mar 23, 2011

Ce n’est un secret pour personne (It is a secret to no one), the French have since a long time, at least since the early days of Henry IV, elevated the confection of la pâtissière to a fine and refined culinary art. * * * Today French Blog post will show you how to prepare a tasty crème pâtissière classique (classic confectioner’s…

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