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Moving foward with the future in French Posted by on Jun 15, 2012

There are two kinds of future tense in French: le Futur Simple and le Futur Proche. Today we’re going to start talking about the Futur Simple. It is used when you are talking about plans in the future, but nothing extremely definite, things may change. This would correspond to using “will” to express the future…

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Euro 2012: Allez la France! Posted by on Jun 14, 2012

L’équipe de France boasts several reknown names: Ribéry, Benzema, Nasri, and others. Come meet the French squad of the Euro 2012, ahead of the crucial game coming up tomorrow: France vs. Ukraine! Gardien: Hugo LLORIS: First, meet le gardien de but (the goalkeeper) as well as le capitaine since almost two years now: Hugo Lloris. Nicknamed…

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Google Puts the “€” in French “€-Books” Posted by on Jun 12, 2012

Not too long ago, several French literati organizations seemed to heroically wage an “uphill crusade” against the Internet search Goliath Google, accusing it of outright book piracy. Today, the paramount motivation of these organizations appears to be more mercantile than virtuously academic. Everything else, of course, “n’est que littérature” (“nothing but literature”). Internet search giant Google…

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Building Your French Vocabulary Posted by on Jun 11, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a post on French You Already Know. Besides these cognates, learning new words is a constant activity in language learning. While memorizing vocabulary lists is helpful, it is more important to learn the words you need in a real situation. Your goal is to learn to both…

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How to use the verb “y avoir” (there to be) Posted by on Jun 10, 2012

The verb y avoir means “there to be”, but in French it has only one form in the present: il y a. Let’s check out some examples: Dans mon salon, il y a un canapé en tissu. In my living room, there’s a fabric sofa. Dans ma cousine, il y a une cuisinière à gaz…

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Song: Voyage dans le Temps Posted by on Jun 8, 2012

Salut! My dear friend and also blogger Sean posted some weeks ago a song by The Lion King in French so I decided to do the same with one of the most beautiful cartoons I’ve ever watched, Anastasia. So here’s the theme song, Journey to the Past, sung in French! Follow with the lyrics below…

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How to make “des noms dérivés” in French – the answers! Posted by on Jun 5, 2012

Salut! Comment ça va? Here are the answers to last Friday’s vocabulary exercise. Pay attention to the articles used in each ending. 1. -ment recruter – le recrutement [recruiting] licencier – le licenciement [dismissal – at work] investir – l’investissement [investment] aboutir – l’aboutissement [culmination, outcome] renouveler – le renouvellement [renewal, replacement] percer – le…

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