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Who Is Up for Some French Tango? Posted by on Nov 25, 2012

Did you know that although Tango is originally Argentinian, the first Tango song ever to be recorded was performed by the French Garde nationale in Paris, supposedly because there was no recording studio available in Argentina at that time? Zofka – “I’ve Seen That Face Before” Strange, I’ve seen that face before,  Étrange, j’ai vu ce visage…

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Je t’aime, Maman (I Love You, Mom) Posted by on Nov 20, 2012

Here on the French Blog, we never forget how precious les mamans (moms) are! So, to all those of us who are lucky enough to still have a mother, but often tend to take her presence with us for granted: Remember that a Maman is un cadeau (a gift) which does not last forever. Let us all tell our mothers…

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HOT French Dessert for the Winter: Mango Soufflé Posted by on Nov 18, 2012

In winter, quand la température est très basse (when the temperature is very low), tasting a HOT dessert at home can be a real bliss! In today’s post, we’ll go through the few steps of preparing un soufflé aux mangues (a Mango Soufflé), as indicated in the useful French website (meaning “quick and easy recipes“), which features la cuisine en…

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“Je ne veux pas la fin de nous” (“I Don’t Want The End Of Us”) Posted by on Nov 16, 2012

Oui, it’s really him, the late Roi du Pop (King of Pop), Monsieur “Michel” Jackson, singing in French! You probably have already heard his song in English, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You“, right? Now listen to the same song, interpreted by MJ himself, in French this time, which he named “Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous“, meaning…

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How to Conjugate the French Verb Vivre Posted by on Nov 13, 2012

“Vivre” (“To Live”) is a must-know French verb. It can be tricky to conjugate, because in some cases it can be confused with the verb voir (to see): “Je vis” (I live) and “je vis” (“I saw”), in which case context becomes your best friend! It is conjugated the same way as revivre (to live something again), survivre…

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What You *Really* Must Know How to Say in a French Job Interview Posted by on Nov 11, 2012

If you are applying for a job in France, or if your entrevue professionnelle (job interview) must be conducted in French only, there are some key elements that you absolutely need learn how to say en français. Today, we’ll go through the strictly essential: First of all, you must know how to say your informations…

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Tout ce que tu veux voir (All You Want to See) Posted by on Nov 6, 2012

Vesoul, a little French town in eastern France, is also the title of a 1968 song by the prominent singer Jacques Brel, in which he delivers a super fast-paced valse (waltz.) Also in “Vesoul“, Brel famously screamed his “Chauffe, Marcel, chauffe!” (“Heat up, Marcel, heat up!“): Marcel is in fact Brel’s accordionist, Marcel Azzola, who…

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