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Top 5 French Idioms with SAUTER (To Jump) Posted by on Feb 28, 2013

Today’s topic is a particularly exciting one!  Selected just for you, the fans of the Transparent French Blog, our Top Five French idiomatic expressions which make a fine use of the verb SAUTER (To JUMP.) Now, sans transition (without further ado), let us jump right to it, shall we, mes amis? NUMÉRO CINQ (Number Five): Sauter aux yeux…

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How to Say “Give it Up” in French Slang Posted by on Feb 24, 2013

Formal French is of course essential to learn if you want to master le français, but French slang is also  a “must”, especially if you plan to actually go to France. You also need French slang to understand French movies, songs—and even graffiti, for example! We’ll focus today on one particular expression that French people…

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A Very Happy French Accordion Posted by on Feb 9, 2013

Out of the Côtes-d’Armor in the Brittany Peninsula, bordering the shores of Saint-Malo, from whence hailed and sailed the seafaring ancestors of the legendary Surcouf, “le roi des corsaires“ (“the King of Corsairs”), came up a cheerful tune. A highly melodic theme, it revolved around a local demoiselle whom everybody called “Marie la dondaine.”  So far, so good. But what’s a “dondaine“, anyway? Is it…

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Under the Wing of the French Phoenix Posted by on Feb 1, 2013

In France, the word “Eiffel” used to only bring to mind Paris‘s most celebrated monument: la Tour Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower.) Today, however, it also refers to a young and dynamic music band which has successfully reinvigorated the French Rock scene, after years of torpor and somnolence (the same as in English: sleepiness!) * * *…

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