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Top 10 French Expressions Using the Verb “JOUER” (To Play) Posted by on May 6, 2013

Ever noticed that if you just add the letter “u” to the French pronoun “je“, it becomes a noun: “jeu” (“game”)! If you enjoy this kind of little tricks, that means that you like the corresponding verb of “jeu“: “jouer” (“to play.”) For example, you can say: “Charlie Chaplin aimait bien jouer au chat et à…

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J’me Tire (I’m Outta Here)! Posted by on May 3, 2013

In proper French, if you want to announce that you are leaving, that you’re about to be gone, then you can say: “je pars“, “je m’en vais“, “je quitte les lieux“, etc. If you feel like saying it informally, however, or rather in French slang, then you have the choice between expressions (not to be used…

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