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Comme Toi… (Like You…) Posted by on Jan 31, 2014

Earlier this month, we looked at une chanson d’amour (a love song) written by French singer/songwriter Francis Cabrel called Je l’Aime à Mourir (I Love Her to Death). I hope you took the opportunity to seek out more of Cabrel’s work. There is plenty to choose from since this year will mark the 40th year…

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Poetry in Motion: A Translation of La Fontaine’s Most Famous Fable Posted by on Jan 29, 2014

Try to recall for a moment your days in grammar school. How many poems did you have to learn? Did you have to recite any devant la classe (before the class)? If you attended an English-speaking school, you may have studied poems by Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, John Keats, Lord Byron and the like. The…

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Miette par Miette (Crumb by Crumb): Your Quick Guide to French Bread Posted by on Jan 27, 2014

In the last post, I relayed a humorous anecdote about ma petite mésaventure (my little misadventure) with a baguette. Since France is known for its bread, I thought we could take a moment to explore the wonderful world of le pain Français (French bread). This might come in handy should you ever visit France and…

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*Plus* de grammaire française (More French Grammar) Posted by on Jan 17, 2014

There is one French word that gives quite a hard time to the new learners of the language on how to properly pronounce it: It is *PLUS* Indeed, one can sometimes hear it pronounced it as “PLUSS” (with the “s” sound), and other times as “PLU” (without the “s” sound.) So, how do we tell the…

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La Tentation de la Baguette (The Baguette Temptation) Posted by on Jan 14, 2014

One of my fondest memories of living in France was walking into the boulangerie (bakery) down the street from where we lived. I can vividly remember the sudden burst of hot air I felt every time I stepped inside. The temperature outside the bakery didn’t matter, les fours (the ovens) never stopped working to bring…

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Une Véritable Chanson d’Amour (A True Love Song): Je l’Aime à Mourir Posted by on Jan 11, 2014

Bonjour une fois de plus et bonne année (Hello once again and happy new year)! This is a post pour ceux qui aiment les chansons d’amour (for those who like love songs) and what better way to sing a love song that to sing it in le langage de l’amour (the language of love)? J’aime…

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Tout l’amour que j’ai pour toi (All the Love I Have For You) Posted by on Jan 9, 2014

After the chanson d’amour (love song) posted by mon collègue Michael just a few days ago, here is yet another one presented to you here on the French Blog—albeit slightly of a different era, style, and even accent! Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya Ya ya ya…

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