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Le béret français Posted by on Feb 26, 2021

Bonjour mes amis, When you envision the look of a French man stéréotypé, what is it that you imagine? Probably une marinière (striped shirt), une cigarette, une moustache, et…. un béret. First, I have to admit where this blog inspiration came from. J’ai acheté un béret de Laulhere cette semaine ! I bought a béret…

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Goals for sustainable development Posted by on Feb 23, 2021

There are an estimated 7.8 billion people in the world today, almost double what it was just 50 years ago. Ensuring that the world is ready for even more growth requires goals for sustainable development. 17 objectifs pour sauver le monde In order to help focus the global response to population growth, climate change, and…

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Mardi Gras Posted by on Feb 16, 2021

Today is Fat Tuesday … or as it is more commonly know Mardi gras! Mardi gras in French, of course, literally means ‘fat Tuesday’. While this year’s Mardi gras won’t be the same due to Covid, it’s still a day for celebration. Mardi Gras Mardi Gras marks the beginning of the Easter season for Catholics…

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La Saint Valentin Posted by on Feb 12, 2021

Salut tout le monde! Le 14 février, c’est La Saint Valentin en France : la fête de l’amour et des amoureux. February 14th is St. Valentine’s day in France: the holiday of love and lovers. There are many stories and traditions linked to Valentine’s day, from both Ancient Rome to more recent modern Christianity. The most…

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DIY French Style Posted by on Feb 9, 2021

Like many people around the world, people in France have used their time at home during the pandemic to make home improvements with a little DIY French Style. DIY French Style According to one poll, as early as the first confinement last spring almost 1/3 des français (31%) said they were doing more travaux d’entretien…

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People on the subway Posted by on Feb 2, 2021

In a common English-language folk song “the people on the bus go up and down”. In Paris, the people on the subway do that … and a whole lot more! On trouve tout … dans le métro La Samaritaine is still closed, but these days you can find it all … on the subway! And a…

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