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Let’s start at the very beginning… Posted by on Jul 26, 2022

As they say, it’s a very good place to start. It turns out, it’s also a good place to end. After 6 years … and over 300 posts! … this will be my last blog for Transparent Language. All good things… My French journey began way back in 1981 when I was in the 7th…

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A sentimental education Posted by on Jul 12, 2022

In 1869, Gustave Flaubert published his Éducation sentimentale. This classic example of the Bildungsroman or roman d’apprentissage tells the story of law student Frederic Moreau and his infatuation with the older Mme Arnoux in his hometown in Normandy. This week we’ll have our own éducation sentimentale as we explore les sentiments en français. Sentiments ou…

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