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Madame JE-SAIS-TOUT (and more of the ABC of French Slang!) Posted by on Sep 29, 2010

Today in our ABCs of French slang, we’re on la lettre ‘J.‘ “J comme…” (“J as in…”) * Je-m’en-foutisme: In his book “The Devil in France – My Encounter with Him in the Summer of 1940” (during the Nazi invasion of France, that is), le dramaturge (playwright) Lion Feuchtwanger defines Je-m’en-foutisme as “an attitude toward life…

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French Slang ABCs: Expressions with the Letter I Posted by on Sep 15, 2010

From the letter ‘G’, nous sautons directement vers la lettre ‘I’ (we jump straight towards the letter ‘I’), since there aren’t any French slang words starting with ‘H‘ that belong to the “must know” category of argot that we have so far covered in this series, “le B.A.-BA de l’Argot (The ABC of French Slang.)” “I comme…” (“I…

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