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Summer Parisian Soirées Posted by on Jul 17, 2011

With the now-renown French music group “Louise Attaque“, les soirées Parisiennes (the Parisian nights) offer an experience that’s easily comparable to un vol (a flight) over a volcano! With “Louise Attaque“, a Summer night in Paris combines the Tuscan beauty of Siena with the enthralling magic of le Brésil (Brazil)… Louise Attaque: “Les Nuits Parisiennes“ Et j’vis…

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A Brazilian Sings “La Nuit de mon Amour” (“The Night of My Love”) Posted by on Jul 9, 2011

Do you think that learning and mastering French from scratch is next to impossible? Well, think again mes amis ! Here’s a shinning example of une fille Brésilienne (a Brazilian girl), who -it’s hard in this case not to think of Linda de Souza and her “Valise en carton“ (“Cardboard Suitcase”)- was forced to travel a lot during her childhood, mainly because of the political situation that dominated her…

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Un Début-Surprise du Mondial 2010 ! Posted by on Jun 19, 2010

Every Coupe du Monde has had its fair share of surprises and so-called “coup de théâtres”. But will this particular Mondial hold even more surprises for us than ever before? Consider these games; almost no day has passed so far without a surprising result: * Sud Afrique contre le Mexique (South Africa vs. Mexico), last Friday: 1-1…

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