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Coming soon . . . Posted by on Jun 6, 2017

Stars of the upcoming film, Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan, and Director, Luc Besson at Comic-Con in San Diego, 2016.

If you’ve been following my posts here at the Transparent Language French Blob, then you already know that I like movies and the French comic books called BDs. Later this year, I’m going to get served a double-header when Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets* hits theaters. The latest movie from the great…

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Silence, on tourne!* Posted by on May 24, 2016

« A mes yeux Paris restera le décor d’un roman que personne n’écrira jamais.»** Paris, Julien Green, 1984 Before we get to this week’s post, I wanted to revisit last week. While I included examples like Bonjour / Bonne journée, I forgot to include Bonsoir et Bonne soirée (good evening) . . . and bonne matinée…

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Le Prix Lumière—Or The French equivalent of the Golden Globes Posted by on Jan 18, 2011

Place au cinéma français aujourd’hui (Today, it’s time to talk about French Film)! Qui ne connait pas de nos jours les Oscars et les Golden Globes (Who doesn’t nowadays know the Oscars and the Golden Globes)… In France, the equivalent of these two awards of le septième art (“Seventh Art”, referring to Film, according to the Hegelian ranking…

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