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French Trivia: In France, Chip N’ Dale Are Known As “TIC et TAC” Posted by on Aug 11, 2012

Remember Chip N’ Dale? You know, the two Disney chipmunk detectives who went nuts for, well, just some nuts? You probably saw them as a kid in their original English version, or dubbed in your native language, or maybe even subtitled, who knows. Some people think they are hamsters, but they are in fact tamias (French…

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French-Speaking, Samurai-Fighting, Pizza-Loving Cats! Posted by on Aug 9, 2012

They speak perfect French without the slightest accent, they fight like true Samurais, and they just love eating and delivering Pizza. Non, they are not the French Ninja Turtles, but rather the French Samurai Pizza Cats—a French-dubbed cartoon that truly “delivers”! Les Samouraï Pizza Cats (The Samurai Pizza Cats) Samouraï Pizza Cats Samurai Pizza Cats Dans le quartier…

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