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*IL FAUT* que tu apprennes le Français (You *Must* Learn French)! Posted by on Mar 30, 2014

Learning French is not optional anymore; it is now mandatory! Well, just kidding, bien sûr… One thing you must do, however, if you already speak French, is to watch out for the good use of le subjonctif. Just pay a bit of attention to when French people speak, or to French books, articles, etc., you will…

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Dude, Don’t be Subdued by The French Subjonctif! Posted by on Jul 20, 2011

Yes, nearly everyone agrees:  Le subjonctif, or the French subjunctive mood, is not exactly “easy” to handle. Here’s something brief to clear up your mind about le subjonctif, to understand in general what it is (and what it is not): The first thing to know is that le subjonctif is un mode (a mood), not un…

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