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CROIS-tu pouvoir conjuguer ce verbe? (Do You BELIEVE You Can Conjugate This Verb)? Posted by on May 29, 2011

Attention! “Crois en moi” and “crois-moi” don’t mean the same thing: The former means “believe in me”, while the latter, a bit less demanding, simply means “believe me”… Now, crois-moi (believe me), la conjugaison of the verb CROIRE is not that complicated! * * * But before putting your conjugaison skills to the test, here are…

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Outdated French Expressions to Avoid Posted by on Oct 26, 2010

Il y a quelques années (A few years ago), one of my very good old American friends, who by the way will have no hard time recognizing herself when reading this, went to France for the first time of her life, only to discover there that whenever she used the interjections she had painstakingly learned at her French class back in the States -expressions like sacrebleu…

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