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La Place Dauphine – Paris Posted by on Nov 19, 2019

I’ve been to Paris so often that sometimes I think I must have seen it all (even though I know I have so much more to discover!) On my recent trip, I got to discover one of those little hidden gems that make Paris so wonderful … and I had been walking right by it…

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French Legend: Fontainebleau from Henry II to Henry IV Posted by on May 23, 2013

Tel père, tel fils (as father, as son), says the popular adage. We previously saw how the father, in this case François Ier (or Francis I in English), was le responsable numéro 1 of introducing la Renaissance to France, by inviting the likes of Rosso Fiorentino and le Primatice to his court. There, the Italian masters…

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Madame Édith Piaf and “Notre-Dame de Paris” Posted by on Aug 10, 2011

Madame Édith Piaf chante (sings)… * “NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS“:   Dans le Paris de Notre-Dame In the Paris of Notre-Dame De Notre-Dame de Paris, Of Notre-Dame de Paris Y a un clochard qu’en a plein le dos There’s a bum who’s fed up De porter Notre-Dame sur son dos Of carrying Notre-Dame on his back   Il se prend pour Quasimodo He thinks he’s…

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