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Hollande Vs. Sarkozy: Comics, Economics, and Freakonomics! (Part I) Posted by on May 3, 2012

As you saw in yesterday’s “Hollande Vs. Sarkozy: Get in the Ring!“, the first round of the French Presidential Debate can be best described by the French motto of “pas de quartier” (“no pity”), especially after media reports quoted Sarkozy saying: “Je vais l’exploser” (“I’m gonna blow him up”)! Things heated up even more when it…

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French Slang Expressions with the Letter D Posted by on Jun 1, 2010

Last time, we finished covering the letter ‘C’, learning and exploring words and expressions that you most likely wouldn’t encounter in your usual French classroom, but knowing them would definitely come in very handy once you’re in France or around French speakers. But before we start, here’s a curious piece of “antiquité” for you (extracted not from “le zoo des locutions“, but rather from what we may…

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