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12 Points for France! How Did France do in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest? Posted by on May 13, 2018

It’s May! If you grew up in Europe (or Australia?), you know the best time of year has finally arrived. It has nothing to do with the warm weather or holidays and everything to do with a little friendly competition between countries. More glitzy than “American Idol” and less heartbreaking stories than “The Voice” is…

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RIP Jeanne Moreau – Come Hear Her Most Famous Song! Posted by on Aug 4, 2017

On Monday, director, screenwriter, actress, and singer Jeanne Moreau passed away at the age of 89. Jeanne was best known for her portrayal of Catherine in François Truffaut’s 1962 New Wave masterpiece Jules et Jim. The plot focuses around 2 friends with opposite personalities who share the same passion for art, literature, and women. Unsurprisingly…

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How Did France do in the 2017 Eurovision Competition? Come Hear Their Song Choice! Posted by on May 18, 2017

Another May, another Eurovision. May is that special time of the year in Europe where countries go to battle for the best song. Each country chooses a singer to represent the them, and both an official jury and the European public decide on the winner via a point system. You can learn more about the…

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What would you do? Posted by on Apr 25, 2017

Last summer I asked ‘what I did‘ and ‘what you are going to do‘ (looking at the past and future tenses in song). This week, a look at another French tense – and a new song – to learn about le conditionelle (the conditional).   Le conditionelle is not actually a tense, but a mood…

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The Best French Music of 2016! Posted by on Jan 19, 2017

2016 was a tough year for the music world. We lost a lot of fabulous and groundbreaking artists, but the year also introduced us to some new artists and new songs. Every winter, the popular radio station NRJ (pronounced like énergie, the word for energy) hosts an awards ceremony to honor the year’s top music. Just…

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The Ultimate Transparent French Blog 2016 Year in Review Quiz Posted by on Jan 5, 2017

Another year has come and gone, and what a year it was. The team at Transparent has had a lot of fun writing articles for you every week, but now we’re going to test to see how much you retained 😉 In 2016, the French blog received almost one million hits! We also added another…

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RIP Leonard Cohen. Listen to a Song He Recorded in French! Posted by on Nov 17, 2016

We’ve lost a lot of wonderful singers this year. We’ve said goodbye to Natalie Cole, Otis Clay, Signe Anderson, Frank Sinatra Jr., Prince, and David Bowie, among others. Earlier this month, the legendary Leonard Cohen passed away at the age of 82 in his home in Los Angeles. Cohen was a soft rock singer known…

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