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Oui, Oui, French Boxing – aka “La Savate” Posted by on Oct 12, 2011

Ihe martial art of “French Boxing“, which is also known as “savate“, doesn’t date from yesterday, and for that reason it belongs to the category of les Arts Martiaux Historiques Européens (Historical European martial arts), such as the 15th century “Jeu de la hache (“game of the axe”), the English jujitsu-inspired “Bartitsu“, or the much older Greek pancrace (in…

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Un Début-Surprise du Mondial 2010 ! Posted by on Jun 19, 2010

Every Coupe du Monde has had its fair share of surprises and so-called “coup de théâtres”. But will this particular Mondial hold even more surprises for us than ever before? Consider these games; almost no day has passed so far without a surprising result: * Sud Afrique contre le Mexique (South Africa vs. Mexico), last Friday: 1-1…

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