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La Poésie (French Poetry) Posted by on Sep 26, 2016

It can be very difficult for non-native French speakers to read, comprehend, and even enjoy poetry in French. This is because the language can be more florid than in prose, there may me multiple layers of meaning not easily deduced by the non-native reader, and it may depend on cultural references. But, alas, not all is…

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Une grande romancière, mère et grand-mère Posted by on Feb 16, 2011

As the national attention of her pays natal (native country), l’Égypte, was overwhelmingly occupied by the stunning popular uprisal qui battait son plein(at its height) just a few days ago, the disappearance from this world of l’enfant du pays(the native child, or literally “the child of the country”) -who was also of Lebanese extraction and later became French…

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Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) — Charles Baudelaire Posted by on Aug 26, 2010

Est-ce que vous l’avez remarqué? (Did you notice it?) Ici, au French Blog, nous aimons les fleurs (Here, in the French Blog, we like flowers), and that you can see mostly through les articles of Jennie, especially “Les Fleurs!” and “Les Tournesols.” Today, we invite you to discover (or re-discover) a classic of French poésie (poetry), extracted from “Les Fleurs du…

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