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Outdated French Expressions to Avoid Posted by on Oct 26, 2010

Il y a quelques années (A few years ago), one of my very good old American friends, who by the way will have no hard time recognizing herself when reading this, went to France for the first time of her life, only to discover there that whenever she used the interjections she had painstakingly learned at her French class back in the States -expressions like sacrebleu…

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Quiz: Masculine or feminine? Posted by on Jun 18, 2010

Le ou la? (Le or la ?) ___ poème ___ Mexique (too soon ? Désolée, les Bleus !) ___ Cambodge (Cambodia) ___ problème ___ programme ___ thème ___ lycée  (secondary school, high school) ___ cimetière (cemetery) ___ musée (museum) ___ stade (stadium) Ready ? I’m betting (je parie) that a lot of you got 10 out of 10……

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