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Simply French Rock Posted by on May 18, 2013

Everyone agrees, Noir Désir is a household name on the French Rock scene. Their song “Un Jour en France” (“A Day in France”) has perhaps not reached the standing of a “classic” yet, but it does offer a pretty good idea about the message this band conveys through its music.   Noir Désir’s “Un Jour en France” (“A Day…

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“Un Jour en France” (RE-NOIR DÉSIR) Posted by on Jul 30, 2010

Non, non, pas du tout, you should read le titre (the title) as “RE: Noir Désir“, meaning a sequel to the previous post, “NOIR DÉSIR: “Un homme pressé” (“Man in a Hurry”)“, and not as a reference to some désirs artistiques of the celebrated master painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Since you liked the previous Noir Désir song, here’s another famous one signed by the same Bordelais group (“Bordelais”…

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