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Traveling this Summer? French Conjugaison Wishes You a *Bon Voyage*! Posted by on Aug 15, 2011

Whether you’re packing your bagages (luggage) to spend your vacances d’été (Summer holidays) in France or somewhere else, The French Blog tips you on how to conjugate the French verb VOYAGER (to Travel), and, by the same token, wishes you a BON VOYAGE !  The nominal form of the verb voyager is voyage—as in the famous chanson “Voyage, voyage“!  French CONJUGAISON…

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Travel and volcanoes! Posted by on Apr 20, 2010

Le volcan Eygalskjfksdfjncadufhaushdfsksjfaskjdfsjdsaa has really changed the game for le transport aérien (aerial transportation). It has directed traffic to other forms of travel, as well as to the pleasures of being cloué à Paris or wherever you are stranded (if you keep your bonne humeur!). For us, it’s a chance to brush up on some…

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