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Fashion During the Austerity in Israel (1949-1959) Posted by on Jun 16, 2016

It doesn’t happen frequently, but whenever I get home and the entire block is filled with cooking scent I know auntie is here. With her radiant smiles, fascinating stories and most important – delicious food. She blends, she bakes, she cooks, she fries and she does all that while she’s nattering. Nattering about her youth…

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Hebrew Grammar: First Person Pronoun “I” Posted by on Jun 8, 2016

Two first person pronouns for “I” appear in the Bible: אֲנִי and אָנוֹכִי. As in English both refer to a singular speaker, male or female. Although homiletic interpretations of the Bible try to differentiate the pronouns, literally they both mean I or me. Here are two examples for each pronoun to illustrate the similarity of…

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