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Coronavirus in Israel: How to Use the Hebrew Word for Mask Posted by on Apr 15, 2020

On April 1, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered another update to the people of Israel. He usually addresses the nation from the briefing room in the Prime Minister’s Office, but after one of his advisers had contracted the coronavirus, Netanyahu was self-quarantined, and spoke from his official residence in Jerusalem. I did my own makeup and hair…

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Coronavirus in Israel: Hebrew Vocabulary Posted by on Apr 1, 2020

Hebrew vocabulary to help you read the related news. נְגִיף [virus, ne-gif, masculine, plural נְגׅיפׅים] Although the word virus has an old corresponding word in Hebrew – נְגִיף, most still use the English word when speaking about the coronavirus. Even among those who do use the Hebrew נְגִיף, many utter it incorrectly. הַחֲלוּפָה הָעׅבְרׅית לַמּׅילָה…

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