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Hebrew Language Quiz Posted by on Aug 17, 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Ayana. Some of you already know me. I’m writing the Transparent Hebrew Language Blog for five years now. On August 2015, I posted my first post, and have been accompanying your Hebrew studies since then, with monthly tips and stories. To celebrate this fifth anniversary, and to summarize up a…

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How to Use the Hebrew Verb to Change Posted by on Aug 3, 2020

The Hebrew verb לְהַחְלׅיף (pronounced as le-ah-lif) means to exchange, to swap, to change, to replace, to switch. The verb can refer to numerous nouns and objects, and can be used in many situations. It is very useful in Hebrew daily life. The root of the verb לְהַחְלׅיף is ח-ל-פ, and it belongs to binyan…

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