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Hebrew Verbs for Dressing Posted by on Nov 23, 2021

The Hebrew language becomes very specific when it comes to dressing up. It has several verbs for all the clothing items that cover our body. These verbs are not antonyms, because each refers to specific clothing items. It’s a long list, let’s start from head to toe: לַחְבֹּושׁ (pronounced as lach-bosh) refers to head covering…

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Hebrew Shopping Vocabulary Posted by on Nov 9, 2021

הַלָּקוֹחַ תָּמִיד צוֹדֵק (the customer is always right) is a well-known slogan in the fields of commerce and service, which exhorts service staff to give a high priority to customer satisfaction (שְׂבִיעוּת רָצוֹן). לָקוֹחַ (pronounced as la-ko-ach) is a shopper in a shop, or a client that receives services. לָקוֹחַ is the Hebrew masculine form of…

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